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The best hardwood handmade furniture in Puerto Rico

Diana Font designs hardwood furniture like chairs, sofas, tables and more. We craft each piece by hand using only the best materials and techniques available.

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Best Materials

We use the best quality Mahogany, Cedar, Conacaste, Stainless Steel, and Bronze.

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Authentic Manufacture

Our designs are handmade, with handheld carving tools, without nails or screws.

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Timeless Design

Every piece of furniture becomes a one of a kind, timeless piece, with inimitable value.

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About the Designer

Diana Font, our creative designer, has been nominated for the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum Design Award. Her projects include the Ritz Carlton, Vanderbilt, Hilton, and El Convento Hotels, Saint Ignatius Church, and La Fortaleza. She has also designed for restaurants, lounges and residences, including government mansions.

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Hardwood Furniture Designs

The desire to create the finest designs has led Diana to search for the places with the best materials available and first-rate craftsmen with deep artisanal tradition for generations. Using only the best materials she has worked with tropical hardwoods like Mahogany, Cedar, Fiddle Wood and Elephant Ear among others, and precious metals like steel, stainless steel and bronze.

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Best Quality Craftsmanship

Our pieces are joined with mortise and tenon to fasten every union, dowels to attach table tops to their supporting frame, and hidden dowels to anchor miter joints. The wood is dried to a six-degree humidity. This along with the lack of nails and screws, avoids twisting, bending and cracking in order to guarantee durability and quality.

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Exquisite Finishes

Our chairs, sofas, tables and other pieces of hardwood furniture are given an exquisite hand rubbing finish and water-based stains which are naturally absorbed by the wood and never discolor. Finishing with durable polymers that will stand weathering and use, plus the care that each artisan and the designer contribute, assure that these pieces can be considered a valuable investment.

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One of a Kind Product

By surrounding herself with expert carvers, finishers and guilders, she delivers her pieces with world class artistry. Every piece of furniture is one of a kind. Combined with good price and attention to details, we strive to offer the client a pleasant and rewarding experience. The result is a durable high-end quality piece of furniture at an affordable price.

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves

Photo Gallery

Diana Font has many exclusive pieces of furniture and decorative items like lamps, bowls, pot holders and more. You can find many of these in our showroom. Others are already decorating fine homes and being used by our distinguished clients. Evaluate some of her projects here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a solid hardwood the best option for furniture?

Hardwoods are more closely grained making them typically harder. They will not get bloated or collapse like pressed-wood or other cheap alternatives. They are resistant to time warping unlike PVC, plastic or other materials. Hardwoods are long-lasting and are guaranteed for life against termites. Our furniture is solidly built for wear and tear.

Do you design to meet individual client needs?

Yes, we can customize our pieces of furniture to fit individual needs and taste. Every space is different, and we take the time to make sure it is properly measured. We also consider the client's vision and preferences. Our pieces can be custom designed for you.

Does your furniture wear well throughout time?

Yes, we design furniture in style not in trends or fashion. All your needs are met. The client gets used to quality and comfort. Since style never goes out of fashion, it's timeless furniture.

What would the advantage be in terms of cost and value?

On average, the cost of our furniture and decorative items compares favorably with others in the market made of pressed-wood or plastic, but there is a self-evident quality difference. Solid hardwood furniture with fine craftmanship adds value to your property and is a wiser investment.

Do you sell any prefabricated items?

Yes, we have a wide inventory of handmade chairs, sofas, tables, lamps and more for you to choose from. However, we can design custom-made pieces according to your specific measurements, requirements and preferences. Every piece is designed so that you will have the best functional and comfortable furniture possible, maximizing the available space.

Do you make furniture only or do you design other items?

Our specialty always has been the creation of hardwood furniture designs with old world craftsmanship. We also design fine kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. We will always be in the vanguard of fine original wood designs and quality craftmanship. You can see our designs at Diana Font Artworks. If you don’t see what you are looking for, talk to us, we can design and fabricate it for you.

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